Catch them young! BRECAN Prioritises Sensitization of Teenagers

Over the years, BRECAN has been championing the campaign for breast health awareness among Nigerians. One aspect of such campaigns is targeting teenagers and young adults in their formative years as stakeholders. Students in secondary schools in Nigeria are usually between the ages of 11 and 17. BRECAN understands the importance of early education and how it can affect the life choices of young people.  Members of BRECAN regularly visit secondary schools across the country for sensitization campaigns as well as organizing programmes specifically for young people during the World Cancer Day commemorations.

recently, BRECAN has decided to make it more interesting for the students by infusing fun and competition into the world cancer day programme for schools. In 2021 the students in Ibadan Oyo state were engaged in a painting competition in which students were encouraged to use painting and drawings to create messages that will help fight the fight against cancer. In 2022, the ‘Sing for Life’ competition took centre stage and saw students spreading messages of hope, sensitization and advocacy through music.

The students also provide BRECAN gateways into thousands of homes across Nigeria.

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